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Alpha Olefin Sulfonate
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Alpha Olefin Sulfonate (AOS)

Molecular Formula: RCH=CH-(CH2)n-SO3Na, R=C10-20, mainly C14-C16, n=0,1,2

CAS No.: 68439-57-6, EINECS No.: 270-407-8, HS Code: 3402110000

Properties: White to yellowish powder; 

Boiling Point (℃):The lowest known value is 100; 

Specific Gravity/Density (g/ml): Powder: 0.38-0.4, Liquid: 1.04.

Alpha Olefin Sulfonate (AOS) is always be produced as sodium salt. It is produced by sulfonation of alpha-olefin (R-CH=CH2, R=alkyl), the sulfate ester is then neutralized by liquid alkali and get liquid AOS, then spray-dry to get powder AOS.

Alpha olefin Sulfonate (AOS) is mainly used in mild detergent and products for baby, high quality detergents such as hand lotion, washing powder, complex soap, shampoo, bath lotion, facial cleaning cream, and phosphorus-free detergent. 

Alpha olefin Sulfonate (AOS) can also be used as industrial detergents.

Shelf life 1 year (store in a dry warehouse with adequate ventilation, temperature 8℃-35℃)

Packing and Storage: packed in 25kg craft paper bag (plastic lined).  

Store in tightly closed containers. Store in an area that is cool, dry. 

Keep away from strong oxidizing agents or acid.

Packaging and container capacity: 

Powder: Packed in craft paper bags, 25kg net. 

Liquid: Packed in plastic drums, 200kg net.

Container capacity:

Powder: 26MT in 40 feet container.

Liquid: 16MT in 20 feet container.

Transport information: General chemicals.

Alpha Olefin Sulfonate (AOS) is a high quality anionic surfactant which has superior comprehensive properties than other surfactants. China manufacturer has mature technology on producing AOS, the quality is quite stable, it has good detergency, shows good characteristics of detergency even in hard water. AOS has high biodegradation of 100%. 

Numerous test approved that C14-C16 chain length AOS has the best solubility and detergency, so this type of AOS is chosen as raw material of detergents by most people. Our product is also at C14-C16.

You can see the following comparisons between several types of anionic surfactants. 

Compare of anionic surfactants:

Foaming performance: AOS > SLES > SLS > LAS

Resistance of hard water: AOS = SLES > SLS > LAS

Biodegradation: AOS > SLES > SLS > LAS

Irritation: SLES < AOS < SLS < LAS

Toxicity: soap < AOS < SLES < SLS < LAS



AOS = Alpha Olefin Sulfonate

SLES = Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate / Sodium Laureth Sulfate

SLS = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

LAS = Sodium Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate

CMC = Critical Micelle Concentration

We have eight years’ experience working in a manufacturing factory of Alpha Olefin Sulfonate (AOS) and exporting AOS always, and now as an independent trader of AOS, we focus more on the domain of application. We are very clear about this chemical from the raw materials, the production process and control, to the packing of final products. More important, we accumulated experience about the application during years’ practices of selling and study on our customers’ continuous purchasing.

We are here for you just if you need us.

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